Over the last 10 years of my photography career, I've become deeply passionate about working with all kinds of different couples and getting creative with my sessions. I believe that love is love, experience is everything, and genuine connection is paramount to a great session together. See some of my favorite photography sessions, read about photography tips & tales, and more in my blog below!


Why I changed my photography niche

If you have followed along with me for a while you might know that I originally launched my business doing food photography. You probably also know that I changed my focus to weddings and couples in December and I wanted to share a little bit more about why!

Throughout college, I had done all types of photography from food to senior portraits and weddings! When the covid-19 pandemic hit, I was very limited on the kinds of photography I could do. I started doing more food and product work and really enjoyed getting to be creative in a different way. I started shooting for smaller food businesses and other restaurants and loved trying something new.

Something that I realized later was that I was also doing food photography to make someone else happy. I felt pressure to do “real” photography and work more with brands and businesses rather than people. But I definitely missed working with and getting to know my clients and the people in front of my camera. I missed feeling like my images meant more than just a tool for a business to make money and probably would never get looked at a few months or years down the line

I shot the last wedding that I booked before covid and I was so excited to be working with couples again. The spark and passion that I used to feel for my work came flooding back during that wedding day. I came home from that wedding with sore feet and a huge smile on my face because it felt so good to shoot a wedding again. Photographing an amazing couple that felt like my friends and being able to witness such an important moment in their lives fulled my emotional cup and my gut was telling me this is what I needed to be doing.

I talked to my partner the next day and I felt ready to change my niche. Doing food photography was great and I loved being able to apply my creativity in a new way but shooting weddings and couples are really where my passion is. Getting to capture that connection and love between two partners fills my soul with so much happiness and joy. I find myself smiling and getting so excited when I’m editing a session and I’m always so excited to deliver a gallery.

I want my clients to feel like friends and capture their beautiful and rare connection and I feel so aligned with my passion more than ever!

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I'm an elopement and wedding photographer based in Arizona. I’m passionate about providing an experience built on genuine connection + care. I want to hold space for you so that you can show up as your true, authentic self. Let’s get to know each other!






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