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Three reasons to finally do a couple’s boudoir session

Have you been dreaming about booking a couple’s boudoir session with you and your partner? Couple’s boudoir sessions are some of my absolute favorite and can be such a fun and meaningful experience. Here are three reasons why you should go for it and do a couples boudoir session!

Celebrate your milestones

Doing a photography session with a professional photographer is a perfect way to mark your important milestones! Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a goal you finally reached, or another life milestone doing a couples boudoir session can help you take the time and celebrate with your partner in a super memorable and intimate way! You and your partner deserve to have this experience and take it all in, together.

Not only that but you will leave with a great experience and photographs that you will get to cherish for years to come. What’s hotter than having steamy photos of your partner to look back on?

Try Boudoir in a more comfortable way

If you’re curious about boudoir photography, having your partner right there with you can make your session feel less intimidating. Having your favorite person there to make you laugh and help you relax can make all of your nerves melt away. This could just be what you need to get comfortable with a boudoir session. Your partner will also be there to hype you up and tell you how incredible you look in your loungewear or lingerie and help you come out of your shell a bit during the session!

Because who doesn’t like trying new things with their partner by their side?

Capture your love and intimate connection

A couple’s boudoir session is all about that emotional and intimate connection between you and your partner. Since your session will be a smaller and more comfortable location the focus of your images gets to be on the small but meaningful ways you and your partner connect.

From the way that you touch to the way you look at each other, so much about how you are as a couple gets to come through in couples boudoir photography. You and your partner deserve to have this part of your relationship documented and remembered. You can have a perfect excuse to be as affectionate and in your feelings, as you want and just know that I’ll be there to capture it all.

If you have been dreaming of booking your couple’s boudoir session and are looking for a sign, here it is! So take the plunge and treat yourselves to an experience you and your partner won’t forget!

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