Hey friend, it’s great to meet you! I’m Adriana, your resident wedding and couples photographer. I’m passionate about working with couples who are madly in love, supportive of each other and value photography. I love getting to know my couples as more than just  clients but as friends who I’m proud to work with! 

My photography journey started 10 years ago with me developing my own black and white film and has grown into a business that I love! Here are a few more things you might like to know about me! I’m a Cancer sign which means I love to make others feel comfortable, I love nostalgia, and I’m huge romantic. I recently got married to my partner, Erin, and we had the elopement of our dreams in Sedona. I love to learn new creative things and I’m currently teaching myself how to sew! 

Adriana Maya Higgins 


Wedding & elopement AND COUPLES photographer 

Genuine connection
helpful direction 
Plenty of laughs 
Building confidence 
Comfortable communication

My Approach

My first property is that my couples feel comfortable and confident when working with me. Throughout our time working together, It's important to me to really get to know and love my couples.

During your engagement session or on your wedding day, I'll give you plenty of direction so you never have to wonder what to do with your hands! I will also let you be yourself and give you a space to show off your own personality in your images. After all, these photos are about YOU and should reflect your unique love story! 

My approach to working with my couples

From my own personal experience getting married, one of the things I wanted the most was a personal connection with my photographer. I wanted to feel like they cared about being there for such a special moment in my life and guide me through the planning to get images that would stand out. This is what I strive to create for my clients. I want you to come away from your wedding day with not only stunning images but also the best experience in working with me. 

Inclusivity is also important to me! I’m proudly queer photographer and LGBTQIA+ friendly. I always strive to a create a safe space for all couples.

Why I do what I do, it's not just about the photographs

You make me blush

You love to explore great local spots in Phoenix or wherever you live! If there’s one thing I love about Arizona it's how much people love local restaurants, bars or other great places so if you want to try somewhere new or share your favorites, I’ll love it! 

You always find the pet at the party. I’m a huge animal lover and currently have three cats (or as I like to call them, my furry co-workers). Whether it's dogs, cats or even guinea pigs I love hearing all about my couple’s pets and love it even more when they bring them along to their sessions! 

You’re madly in love with your partner! My spouse is my best friend and biggest supporter and I love hanging out with other couples that have that same love and passion for each other. It's one of the best parts of my job!

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