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What to wear to an engagement session

Hi there, I’m Adriana, an intimate wedding and elopement photographer based in Arizona! Engagement sessions are one of the most fun parts of being engaged! This may be the first time you and your partner are professionally photographed together so you might need some help deciding what to wear to an engagement session.

Your session is a time to celebrate your engagement and get some practice being in front of the camera before your wedding day. After photographing dozens of engagement sessions here is my best advice!  

So let’s get into it! 

A woman in a white dress leans into kiss a man in a black shirt in the mountains

One or two? It’s up to you! 

Most of my couples choose two outfits, one that is a “wow” look with more formal elements and another that is slightly more casual, like a typical date night! Having more than one outfit will give you more variety in your gallery and more options to choose from. 

You’ll want to check with your photographer to make sure your session is long enough to photograph you in more than one outfit (My engagement sessions are typically 1.5 hours to allow for two outfits!) 

You could also bring two formal outfits if that fits your personality a bit more! So one or two, it’s really up to you!

Two women holding hands walking in a field with pine trees behind them

Choosing the perfect colors

When it comes to choosing colors for your outfits I always recommend selecting neutral or warm-toned earthy colors. These colors tend to photograph better and don’t become distracting in your images!

Colors like cream, brown, khaki, grey, and black, and earthy colors like rust, burnt orange, mustard, olive green, and blush are all perfect for magical and romantic engagement vibes.

Choose up to three of these colors to have in your outfits between the two of you. Sticking to this will ensure you have colors that coordinate with some variety. Fewer colors in your outfits mean more refined photos. 

A palette of colors that are recommended for engagement session outfits

This neutral and warm color palette fits beautifully in so many different types of environments and especially compliments the desert! 

Tip: I highly recommend solid colors over prints! Solids create a more simplified and refined look for your images. Certain patterns like small stripes and plaids can also cause moiré, a wavy distorted effect caused when the camera tries to read the small patterns and it can be very distracting in your final images!

Two men sitting in a wheat field, one has his arm around the other

Coordinating Colors & Outfits

Coordinating the colors in your outfit will help you look like a cohesive pair on camera! Think less matching and more complementing. Selecting colors that are similar in color and tone is a great place to start! 

Try selecting a few neutral colors and one or two earthy colors to pair together. For example, if one partner is wearing an off-white dress then the other partner might want to wear a mustard or olive green dress or a tan shirt and brown pants. 

Tip: If you want dynamic images you could instead use contrasting colors! Colors like black and white, green and red, and navy and mustard. This makes you pop off the background and really stand out if you are shooting in a wide-open landscape.

A man and a woman sitting next to one another in a field with a mountain in the background

Adding accessories and texture 

Once you have the base of your outfits be sure to add accessories! Items like jewelry, hats, or jackets always add lots of dimension and can double as a prop in your photos.

To add interest I also recommend adding in texture wherever you can. Garments or jewelry with shiny, sheer, or fuzzy textures are perfect. This can come in the form of leather jackets, sheer or satin dresses, knitwear, or denim! 

A man and a woman walk down the steps of phoenix city hall holding hands

Selecting the best footwear 

During engagement sessions, you’re going to be moving around a lot so choosing the right footwear is key! Be sure that your footwear is comfortable enough to walk in confidently, some examples are ankle boots, heeled sandals, dress shoes, or nice sneakers.

If your session is out in nature I highly recommend bringing a pair of shoes that can be easily removed while walking from one photo spot to another! This way you can have your nice shoes on during photos without having to worry about them getting too torn up by the desert or a hiking trail. 

Man and a woman embrace facing one another with the sunset behind them

You’re Engagement Session Ready!

Those are my best tips for what to wear to an engagement session! If you’d like more examples you can check out this Pinterest board of couples session outfit inspiration.

Wondering what else to bring to your engagement session? Check out my free Engagement Session Checklist!

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