Over the last 10 years of my photography career, I've become deeply passionate about working with all kinds of different couples and getting creative with my sessions. I believe that love is love, experience is everything, and genuine connection is paramount to a great session together. See some of my favorite photography sessions, read about photography tips & tales, and more in my blog below!


Maria + Sharee Engagement Session in Maui, Hawaii on May’s Beach

So excited to share this sunrise engagement session in Maui with Maria and Sharee! I love switching up my usual desert setting for this stunning beach! My partner, Erin won a company trip through her work QuikTrip! This is how we were able to meet Sharee and Maria. Maria had been Erin’s previous manager and it was so much fun to meet her fiancee, Sharee! The pair plans to get married in Phoenix in April 2020 so it was amazing for them to finally get to shoot engagement photos. The couple enjoys traveling and hiking together in their free time and it was perfect that they got to shoot this session at a beautiful destination like Maui!

This was one of my first times shooting on the beach and I thought I would also share three helpful tips to prepare you to shoot your session on the beach!

  • Be mindful of the time of day. Sunrise or sunset are going to be perfect for the best lighting!

We shot this session during sunrise and it definitely made a huge difference! The lighting was soft and even and gave a great look to the images. Since we also shot early the beach was super quiet and there weren’t too many people we had to worry about getting in our shots.

  • Come prepared with towels, sandals, products for touch-ups, and a change of clothes!

We all know the beach can be messy with all the sand so be prepared and bring towels, sandals, and any hair and makeup products you might want to touch up! If you are also the type of person to want to change after getting in the water also be sure to bring a change of clothes after your session!

  • Be prepared to get wet!

It’s the ocean of course! You are definitely going to want romantic shots in the water and so don’t be afraid of getting wet and be sure to wear something that won’t be too heavy or difficult to move around in once you do get in the water. You’ll likely get in the water at the very end of your session so when the time comes don’t be afraid to go for it!

I hope those tips will help prepare you for your engagement session on the beach and don’t forget, I’m always down to travel to any beach that you are interested in shooting at!

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