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Best Engagement Session Locations in Arizona

A man and woman embrace during their engagement session in Old Town Scottsdale

Engagement session season is upon us! Arizona has so many great locations for your engagement session. From the stunning desert of Central and Southern Arizona to the pine trees in Northern Arizona here are the best locations for your engagement session!  

As an Arizona Wedding Photographer, I’m always on the lookout for amazing locations for engagement sessions. After 10+ years photographing couples I have found some of the best locations to photograph at! Ready to book your engagement session? Inquire here to get started working together! 

Central Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden 

Two woman hold hands and lean in for a kiss surrounded by desert greenery.

The Desert Botanical Garden is an absolute favorite for good reason! DBG is known for its incredible range of desert plant life and all this greenery makes for the perfect backdrop for engagement photos! The best times to visit the garden are October-April and it’s best to schedule your session on a weekday or early morning for minimal crowds. Although there is no additional fee to photograph at the garden you will need to reach out for advanced permission to shoot there and you’ll need to pay the entrance fees to the garden. Be sure to also get tickets to the garden in advance as some prime days tend to sell out in advance! Admission for adults into the garden is $24.95 – $29.95.

Papago Park 

A man and a woman walk together in front of the red rocks of Papago Park

Located just across the street from the Desert Botanical Garden, Papago Park is a landmark of the Phoenix area and is an iconic place to take engagement photos. Papago Park is perfect to visit in the fall, winter, and spring. Parking at the West Buttes Parking Lot is very limited so be sure to arrive early to your session. There is additional parking across the street at the Phoneix Zoo. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, some trails are paved but other areas can be rocky. There are no public bathrooms located at Papago Park and there are no parking or location fees.

The Meadow AZ

A woman and a man walk toward the camera while holding hands in a meadow filled with greenery and tall grasses

The Meadow is one of my favorites in Central Arizona! The Meadow AZ is a small outdoor studio space located in Mesa, AZ. The Meadow has a garden-like feel with lots of tall grasses and greenery and is perfect if you want something different than a typical desert landscape. The Meadow offers hour slots at $75/hour and prop rentals like rugs, couches, and pillows at an additional cost.

Apache Wash Trail Head 

Two woman standing in clear desert scenery, one kisses the other on the cheek.

Apache Wash Trailhead is located in northern Phoenix and is the perfect spot for desert scenery with little elevation gain and plenty of parking! The best times of year to visit the trail are in Fall and Spring. The trailhead is free to park at and there are no additional location fees. The trail also has a public restroom which can be handy for outfit changes!

Lost Dutchman State Park 

Two woman standing in from of the Superstition Mountains hold each other and laugh while looking in the distance.

Lost Dutchman State Park is home to one of Arizona’s most iconic mountain ranges, the Superstition Mountains! This is one of my favorite places to photograph and has amazing light both in the morning and the afternoon for engagement sessions. There is ample parking by multiple trails and several restrooms that can be used for outfit changes during your session. The park does not require a permit to shoot personal photography but a park entrance fee of $10 per vehicle is required. Be sure to bring cash to the park if you’re shooting during a weekend or late afternoon as sometimes the ranger station is closed and you’ll have to do the self-pay open at the park gates.

Downtown Phoenix 

A man and woman face each other and the woman touches the mans face. They stand in front of a vintage courthouse building.

If you’re looking for a classy, downtown vibe then you have to choose downtown Phoenix for your engagement session! With so many cool bars, restaurants, and landmarks, Downtown Phoenix is full of great spots. Some favorite spots include parking garages, murals and the Maricopa County Old Courthouse! To photograph in Downtown Phoenix there aren’t likely to be any location fees but you will have to pay to park at a meter or garage downtown.

Phon D Sutton Recreation Area 

A woman stands with a man holding her from behind as they stand in the water of a river.

Looking for water in the desert? Phon D Sutton is my top recommendation! Filled by the Salt River the area along the water is filled with greenery and lush vegetation. The water also adds another fun element to your engagement photos and will help keep you cool even if you visit during the late spring and early summer. If you come at the right time you may even see some wild horses grazing through the river! To take advantage of this little desert oasis you’ll need a Tonto pass to park which you can purchase at local gas stations for around $8 per day.

Sweet Flower Home 

Two men sit side by side, one with his arm over the other shoulders and they smile. They are surrounded by tall wheat plants

Looking for something a little different? Sweet Flower Home offers seasonal fields as an outdoor photography studio! During the year you’ll find fields like sunflowers, broccoli flowers, and wheat fields that can be rented for photography! This space has a rental fee of $65 for a session but exact pricing can vary during the year. You’ll also need to book this spot in advance and certain fields can fill up fast so be sure to contact them early!

Northern AZ 

Arizona Snowbowl 

A man and woman walk up a mountain, holding hands and facing away from the camera.

Looking for the perfect summer meadow to go frolicking through for your engagement session? Arizona Snowbowl is the perfect place! While normally covered in snow in the winter, Snowbowl comes alive with tall grasses and wildflowers in the summer. The rolling fields and amazing views make for a magical backdrop for your session. Flagstaff is also the perfect break from the central and southern AZ heat in the summer! This location does not require any parking or location fees to visit but be mindful of others on the trails!

Lynx Lake 

Two women embrace and one kisses the other on the cheek as they stand amongst pine trees and bushes.

Want to get lost in the Pines? Lynx Lake is the perfect place to get both views of the pines and water that can be magical at golden hour! Lynx Lake is located in Prescott and is a short drive from the center of town. To photograph your session here you’ll have to only pay to park and since the elevation is high and it’s surrounded by trees sunset time will be a bit earlier than the actual sunset time. This is also a perfect place to bring your pets along to your session as there is plenty of space for them to run around!

Secret Slickrock Trail 

A man and woman look at one another with the sun behind them and red rocks of Sedona around them

One of the best locations in all of Sedona to find amazing views has to be Secret Slickrock Trail! This place is a personal favorite of mine (and where my spouse and I took some of our wedding photos!). This trail is centrally located in Sedona with a short drive back to the center of town. Secret Slick Rock has a short and very easy hike to the main plateau with 360 views of the red rocks. This location shines in the spring to fall. There are no additional location or parking fees to photograph here but be mindful of the small parking lot at the trailhead and be mindful of other visitors while going down the narrow trail.


Tall arched buildings painted read and yellow form a outdoor ampetheather at Arcosanti.

Looking for the most unique and cool spot for your engagement session? Look no further than Arcosanti. Arcosanti is an experimental community originally designed by artist and Architect Paolo Solari. Arcosanti has beautiful futurist architecture and stunning olive trees that give you Italian villa vibes. This location has varying rental fees so it’s best to inquire for pricing to photograph a session there!


Tlaquepaque (Pronounced T-la-keh-pah-keh) is an arts and shopping village located in the heart of Sedona. With its stunning arches and greenery-covered walls, there is no shortage of amazing spots for your engagement session. The whole place has a romantic feel to it that can make such a difference in your photos! It’s recommended to photograph here during slower times like weekdays, off-seasons, and in the morning. To shoot there you’ll need to contact them and pay the $100 photo permit.

Southern Arizona

Saguaro National Park 

A man and a woman embrace while surrounded by a field of cacti with the light from the sunset lighting their faces.

Saguaro National Park is not only a landmark but it can make one of the most stunning locations in all of Arizona for your engagement session. Saguaro National Park is filled to the brim with iconic Saguaro cacti for as far as the eye can see. Be sure not to get too close to the jumping chollas and enjoy Arizona’s usual incredible sunsets. The park has a $50 location fee and park entrance fees will also apply.

Downtown Tucson 

If artsy and funky vibes are your thing, shooting in Downtown Tucson might be perfect for you! Downtown Tucson has the perfect southwest artsy vibes with a range of buildings and backdrops that would be perfect for an engagement session. The area can get busy during the weekend so weekdays are recommended to photograph here. You will need to pay to park in the area.

Sabino Canyon 

A man and a woman walk toward the camera, holding hands. They are framed with mountains in the background at dusk.

One of my personal favorites in the Tucson area is Sabino Canyon. Sabino Canyon has beautiful cacti, easy parking, and a view of the canyon at dusk that is gorgeous in photos. At the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, you’ll have access to restrooms. To park you’ll pay a $8 fee for the day and no additional location fees are needed.

Piacho Peak State Park 

A woman and a man walk along a filed with a tall mountain and cacti behind them.

Piacho Peak has a stunning mountain range that looks amazing in photos. Located about halfway to Tucson from Phoenix you’ll find a stunning park that in the spring is sprinkled with wildflowers and has amazing spots to photograph! At Piacho Peak State Park you’ll need to pay $7 per vehicle and no other location fees.

Mt Lemmon 

Mt Lemmon is known for its huge elevation gain, windy road, and stunning views! Mount Lemmon is the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains outside of Tuscon. There are several trails with amazing views like Oracle Ridge or Windy Point Vista If you drive a little farther up the mountain you’ll find other amazing trails like Butterfly Trailhead. There is no location fee to shoot here but there is an $8 entrance fee per vehicle.

Two women in dresses walk through a field, surrounded by pine trees.

There are the Best Engagement Session locations in all regions of Arizona! With so many options you’re sure to find the perfect place to photograph your engagement session! Looking for an Arizona Wedding photographer? Let’s get started planning your session! Click here and let’s get started!

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