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10 Must-Have Items for Stunning Wedding Detail Photos

When planning your wedding, you spend so much time thinking about all the details! From choosing the perfect invitations, accessories, florals, and more your wedding should be a reflection of you and your love story!

As a wedding photographer, I’ve photographed lots of wedding details. No two weddings have the same details and they are the perfect way to start your wedding day timeline. Everything from your rings to your sentimental items deserves to be photographed.

Before your wedding, I recommend gathering all your detail items together for when your wedding photographer arrives. If you collect all these items in advance you won’t have to stress about trying to find them while getting ready for your wedding day!

So here are 10 wedding items to have on your special day for amazing detail photographs!

The best items for wedding detail photos

Invitation suites & other printed items

Your invitation suite will usually be the focal point of your detail photos. Invitations help to establish a time and place for your wedding day and set the tone for the feel of your wedding gallery. If you don’t want to worry about having this on your wedding day, ask your photographer if you can mail them an invitation for your detail photos!

Elopement tip: If you are eloping and don’t have invitations, you could also include postcards or maps of the place you’re eloping!

Vow Books

Vow books are some of the most meaningful and sentimental items you will have on your wedding day! With tons of vow book options from Etsy shops, your vow books can fit into the overall aesthetic of your wedding day. They’re a great item to have photographed on your wedding day!


This one seems a little obvious but you never know! If your ring needs a little bit of TLC before the big day you can easily purchase a ring cleaning kit (here is my favorite and the one I purchased for my own wedding day) to make sure that your pieces all shine! If your ring came in a box that doesn’t fit your vibe, don’t worry, other photographers like myself carry nice ring boxes in a variety of colors for wedding detail photos!


Jewelry can be sentimental or fashionable and is a great item to set the vibe of your wedding day! Great items to include are earrings, necklaces, watches, cufflinks, belts, or even bridal hats. This in addition to your actual wedding rings helps tell the story of the day and show how much thought you put into the styling of your outfits!

Custom hanger

I have seen one too many epic dress shots get ruined by plastic hangers! So to help avoid this on your wedding day be sure to have a personalized or just a nice hanger for your dress to hang on during those amazing dress shots. Here are two of my favorite personalized hangers and an amazon option! Give your dress, suit or set the hangers they deserve and make sure these shots have a little extra polish with great hangers!

Perfume or Cologne

If you or your partner have a signature perfume or cologne these are the perfect items to include in your detail photos! Not only do they create more dimension and interest in your images but the smell probably reminds you of your spouse! Having them photographed will add to the uniqueness of your detail shots!

Bouquets, Boutonnieres, or floral scraps

This one is so important and often forgotten about! Florals are a very important element in so many weddings! Have your florist include some of the scrap florals and greenery from your bouquet or other florals for your detail shots! These small pieces of florals add more texture and tie in the rest of your floral details in the images! Ask your florist to include these scraps for your detail photos!


These are classic detail shot items and for a great reason! Wedding shoes are typically some of your best. Whether they are worn-in boots or your nicest heels they can say so much about you and your personal wedding style and you know I’m all about that!

Veils & accessories

Just like jewelry, accessories can be the perfect elements to include in your wedding day detail photos! These accessories can include veils, capes, special socks, handkerchiefs, and personalized jackets are perfect for this! These things might not be your super-typical wedding attire but if you are bold and unique enough to be wearing one of these let your photographer know so they can make your final gallery as unique as your wedding really was!

Heirlooms or sentimental items

These are some of my favorite items ever to photograph on a wedding day! Will you be wearing your grandmother’s ring along with the rest of your jewelry? Or do you have a photo of a loved one who will not be there to celebrate with you? Include those sentimental items in your detail shots so that you will have that memory for decades to come!

Those are my top 10 wedding details that you must have for your wedding day! Detail shots are some of my absolute favorites to photograph and if you would like to work together you can inquire about wedding photography here!

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