Lost Dutchman State Park Bridal Session with Sadie and William

I was so excited to shoot this modern bridal session with Sadie and William! Sadie is a former coworker and friend, we met in our last job working for a custom online wedding dress company. William and Sadie met when she was studying abroad in the UK and quickly fell in love. They continued to be in a long-distance relationship and dealt with ups and downs with covid-19 coming in their way of traveling to each other. They were finally able to get married in February surrounded by close friends and family. They plan to have a larger ceremony when William’s family is able to travel!

After knowing Sadie for so long it was great to finally meet William! For this bridal session, we wanted a stunning desert backdrop, and Lost Dutchman State Park was a perfect choice. Sadie had never been to this park and said that the mountains looked “otherworldly” and I totally agree! Sadie wore the most stunning crepe wedding dress complete with a tulle cape from Lace & Liberty! William went for a classic look in a black suit. For this shoot, I was excited to put together the florals I love how they pull everything together!



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