Cozy Couples Boudoir Session at Studio House in Downtown Phoenix

I was so excited to attend this Boudoir Content Day hosted by Studio House in Downtown Phoenix! Our models Elisa, a boudoir photographer herself, and her partner Jared, a videographer were amazing to work with. When I found out they were both artists we started talking about what gear we shoot with (typical nerdy photographer stuff). Jared said he shoots with Sony and Elise said she shoots with Canon and I could feel funny banter that must come from this on a daily basis. If you don’t know why this is so funny ask your photographer friend and they’ll laugh!

I’ve always wanted to shoot steamy couples boudoir but I wasn’t sure when I would be able to or if I would end up liking it. Well, it turns out that getting outside my comfort zone and attending this content day was just the thing I needed. Getting to do this first session as just a creative experience without a paying client for the first time allowed me the space to create and try new things and the results are some of my favorite photographs I have ever taken. I love the closeness and intimacy of these types of sessions and will be adding them to my offerings from now on. So if you are interested in a couples boudoir, let’s do it!

I hope you enjoy this cozy session in the Studio House cabin!



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